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The Backroom

All about everyday drinks & coffees in combination with our tasty plates in one place with two different essences in the heart of Thessaloniki near by the sea!

Our warm place is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, in front of the sea… Pepper is your every day and night spot to spend great time with a cafe, a fruit punch, a beer and of course drinks.

On the backside, you can find Backroom… Taste our plates and we are sure that you’ll want to taste them again and again..

Pepper &
Backroom 2.0

Brunch Options

Time provided for brunch:Until 14:00
  • Energy Bowl
    Oat, Chia Seeds, Granola Extra: Almond Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Seasonal Fresh Fruits Toppings: Peanut, Butter Coconut, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Almonds, Walnuts
  • Gaucho Pie
    Argentinean cheesepie with riccotta, honey and sesame
  • Bruschettinis
    Brown bread with avocado, scrabmled eggs, proschutto & green salad
  • Pancakes Porto Saloniki
    Maple syrup, Almond Flakes, Vanilla, Pastry Cream, Powdered Sugar & Cinnamon
  • Breakfast Bruschetta
    Fried eggs, sicilian sausage,mozzarella buffala, tomato, bacon and sweet papper sauce
  • Pancakes Backroom
    carob flour, ricotta cheese, acacia honey and Guanciale
  • Serano Pancakes
    Praline, dark chocolate, strawberries and Fiorre Di Latte ice cream
  • Pizza
    Italian Dough, San Manzano tomatoes, Regiano Parmesan, Salami Romano, Fresh Mozzarella
  • Chorizo
    Grilled Handmade Chorizo, with Dry Aged Beef Chicks, Roasted Williams Pears, Pecan Nuts and Brandy Flambe

New Main Dishes

Time provided for lunch & dinner:Until 23:00
  • Mushroom velvet
    Mushroom velvet with white and colored truffle flakes
  • Thessaloniki Salad
    Greek Salad with Cretan dakos, tomatoes, pepper, onions, cucumber and feta cheese
  • Azzuro
    Seafood risotto with shrimps, mussels and lobster bisque
  • Papardelle Dry Aged
    Dry aged Black Angus, parmesan Reggiano, ajo negro, mushrooms and truffle paste
  • Reggiano Chicken
    Grilled Chicken fillet with parmesan creme, ajo negro, Moschato D'Asti and thyme
  • Salmon Fillet
    Salmon Filet with teriyaki sauce, served with grilled vegetables
  • Pluma Tagliata
    Pork pluma tagliata cut with cheese sauce and onion jam
  • Smoked Iberico
    Smoked Pork Steak flambe with caramelized apples and brandy
  • Romero Burger
    black angus burgers with grilled feta cheese, mint-rosemary sauce and olive oil jam
  • Maminia Burger
    With salted caramel sauce, shallots and smoked pecora


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of Excellence


Taste it… Believe us

“Sure judgement and patient craftsmanship make this restaurant a must-visit

Spend your lunch or dinner in Backroom and taste delicious plates made with pure materials and tasteful “ideas”. But don’t forget to enjoy your meal with a beer or a special wine.

The Backroom

“One drink is must, two are super-must

Pepper Thessaloniki provides a big variety of drinks for all hours. Coffee, tea, fruit punch, beers, special drinks, cocktails and much much more…


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